Chris Hale

Technical Direction and Engineering for Agencies, Creatives, and Start-ups

I’m looking for roles within agencies and start ups to help launch websites, online stores and digital products.

Available from February 2022


I’ll regularly adapt my 12 years of experience to various web and mobile technology stacks. Typically, projects I undertake are a mix of:


Accessible markup, responsive stylesheets


React, Vanilla JS, Node.js

CMS / Platforms

WordPress, Shopify, Contentful, Craft

iOS & Android

Swift, React Native, Rubymotion

Web Services

Node, PHP, Ruby

Data storage

Neo4j, Elasticsearch, SQL, NoSQL

Selected Work

I’ve had the pleasure to work with world renowned digital agencies and tech companies on some exciting projects. Below are a few examples I can share:

Precision Run

UI Development ⟶ React Native / iOS & Android

Agency: AREA 17

Max V. Koenig

Shopify app & UI development ⟶ Node / Liquid

Agency: Strobe


Wordpress CMS & UI development ⟶ PHP / HTML / SCSS / JS

Agency: MadGlory

Shadow of War

UI Development ⟶ Metalsmith / SCSS / Canvas

Agency: MadGlory

The Hill

UI Development ⟶ Swift / iOS

Agency: AREA 17


UI Development ⟶ React / SCSS

Agency: Internal

Get in touch

I'm based in Manchester, UK with a lot of experience working remotely for companies worldwide. Please reach out if you have a project in mind 👍




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